Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to Sysco Advantage partners?
This exclusive program and the benefits offered to all Sysco Customers.
How does a partner get selected to participate in the Sysco Advantage program?
Sysco is always looking for ways to bring value to our customers and assist them with their business operations. We do this by sourcing partners with unique service offerings, as well as leveraging our size to negotiate the best pricing possible for our customers on services that they use every day.  Partners go through a thorough evaluation process to ensure they uphold the highest service levels, quality standards and performance guarantees.
How do I find out what partners are in the program?
Visit our Sysco Advantage site ( to view all of our valued partners.
How do I take advantage of the special offers?
Details for contacting each partner are available on . In some cases you can sign up for services right through a link on the Sysco Advantage site. You can also contact the partner directly and tell them you are a Sysco Customer in order to receive the specific rates.
What if I already use one of the Sysco Advantage partners?
You would still be eligible to receive the discounted pricing or value-added offer.
Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Your Marketing Associate is your first point of contact for questions regarding the program.  You can also contact